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When: December 16 th -18th 2024!

Where: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

at the Entrance to Universal Orlando, FL


Because of you, our first year was a true SUCCESS! With over 500 students, 70+ volunteers, and a total of 1,000+ attendees at this years event, We are excited to say we are ready to host our 2nd year for FUN IN THE SUN Signature Event!

Stay tuned for the updates to be announced!


Last Year's 
Speaker (opening ceremony)


Retired Staff Sgt. of the U.S. Army Reserves, Paul Jacobsen


In a world increasingly dominated by technology, Paul stands as a beacon of perpetual learning and adaptability. With over three decades of experience in the technology and computer industry, he brings an extraordinary blend of expertise, vision, and hands-on experience to any discussion. A retired Staff Sgt. of the U.S. Army Reserves, Paul specialized as a Wire Systems Equipment Repairer and a Special Electronic Devices Repairer, among other roles. These roles not only honed his skills but instilled him with a sense of discipline and commitment that he carries into his professional endeavors.

For the last 15 years, Paul has carved a niche for himself in the software development landscape. Notably, he has spent the past six years excelling as a Product Manager for a Pharmacy Management Software company. As a leading voice, he's been captivating audiences at his company's customer user conferences since 2012, while also skillfully moderating senior leadership team meetings. Beyond the podium and the boardroom, Paul extends his expertise through webinars and tradeshows, focusing on the very product lines he manages.

But don't mistake Paul for just another tech-savvy professional; he's a man of eclectic talents and layered interests. As a hobbyist magician, he specializes in sleight-of-hand tricks that could leave even the most skeptical viewers questioning their perception. When he's not working his magic, he's likely immersed in the great outdoors, finding both solace and inspiration amidst untamed landscapes. And should you ever hear the complex rhythms and melodies of bluegrass banjo wafting through the air, it's a good bet that it's Paul's fingers skillfully dancing across the strings.

At Florida's first VEX IQ signature event, he'll delve into themes close to his heart: "Technology and Never Stop Learning." Casual yet profound, Paul will invite you to look at technology not just as a tool, but as a lifelong companion in the quest for knowledge and growth.

So, whether you're a robotics enthusiast or a budding technologist, prepare to be captivated, educated, and perhaps even a little entertained. Paul is not just a speaker; he's an experience.

Retired Staff Sgt. of the U.S. Army Reserves, Paul Jacobsen

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Daniel Dilocker

East Ridge Middle School


Rebecca Gibson

Virginia Schoenthaler

Cypress Ridge Elementary



Anthony Ritter 

Pinecrest Lakes Academy


Timothy Bunnell

Pinecrest Lakes Academy

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ATEF LLC - Event Manager

Patrick Gibson



The area is a family friendly paradise! In less than an hour, you can walk on the beach,  visit one of many parks and springs, attend a dinner theater, explore a theme park or an arcade, or rent a bike or scooter.  Check out  for some ideas.

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